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MPL Malaysia takes action against Team Lunatix, Kid, Zippy for contractual violations



KUALA LUMPUR –  In response to a recent viral issue, the organizers of the Mobile Legends Professional League Malaysia (MPL Malaysia) have imposed punishments on Team Lunatix and two import players from Myanmar, Hein Thu (Kid) and Kyaw Bo (Zippy).

Following an investigation by MPL Malaysia, it was found that Zippy and Kid, both Team Lunatix players, breached their contractual obligations by leaving the team’s gaming house without notifying the management, after the Roster Lock had taken place.

As a consequence of this misconduct, MPL Malaysia has issued an official warning to both players to fulfill their contractual obligations.

Meanwhile, , Team Lunatix was also discovered to have contravened its contractual obligations as an organization.

The team failed to promptly reimburse the flight and travel expenses of the Myanmar players traveling to Malaysia.

Accordingly, MPL Malaysia has instructed Team Lunatix to honor the entirety of the players’ contractual obligations while expeditiously settling the e-visa fees and flight tickets for the players.

However, in an exception, the MPL Malaysia Committee has exempted DJ from any punitive measures, as both he and Team Lunatix mutually agreed to terminate the contract.

In a similar statement, MPL Malaysia also clarified that this decision was made after considering cultural and language differences.

“We have implemented these punishments while considering the welfare of both the organization and players.

“This year, the number of imported players in MPL Malaysia is the highest, and more local organizations have invested in the MLBB esports ecosystem.

“Therefore, we will also strive to enhance the quality and understanding of international player transfers,” stated the MPL Malaysia Committee today.

For the comprehensive statement by MPL Malaysia, you can acce

Read the full statement of MPL Malaysia here.

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