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Malaysia needs to reclaim its position in The Big Three of MLBB – Daddyhood Homebois




KUALA LUMPUR – With aspirations reaching beyond mediocrity, Malaysia is embarking on a journey to reestablish itself among The Big Three contenders of the competitive realm in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), according to Daddyhood.

No longer content with being wedged between Indonesia and the Philippines, Daddyhood emphasized that Malaysia is resolute in regaining its stature as one of The Big Three in the dynamic world of MLBB.

Nureddy Nursal, the founder of Homebois Worldwide, disclosed that his team has been diligently honing their skills for the international stage over the span of eight months.

“After our return from the Fourth Mobile Legends World Championship (M4) in Indonesia last January, we’ve been unswervingly preparing. Malaysia must reclaim its standing among The Big Three,” Daddyhood conveyed during a Homebois Day Out event on Friday.

He shared this insight while responding to a media inquiry, explaining, “How does Homebois intend to ensure that Malaysia’s representation goes beyond being merely an auxiliary team in the global championships, should they be selected for M5?”

The term “The Big Three” encapsulates the trio that once dominated Mobile Legends: Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

However, the spotlight has notably shifted towards Indonesia and the Philippines, owing to their more intense competitive ecosystems at the grassroots level, which consistently propel them to perform on the global stage.

Both the MLBB leagues in Indonesia and the Philippines have transitioned into franchise leagues, contrasting with Malaysia’s continued use of the league format introduced back in late 2017.

It’s pertinent to note that Malaysia is yet to secure any Moonton Games World Championship titles, a distinction held by the Philippines and Indonesia.

To date, the Philippines boasts the record for the most World Cup titles (M2, M3, and M4), closely followed by Indonesia (M1).

Furthermore, Malaysia hasn’t clinched victory in any editions of the Southeast Asian Cup Championship (MSC) since its inception in 2017.

Among Malaysia’s noteworthy achievements on the global stage are a silver medal in the SEA Games held in Phnom Penh in 2023 and the championship title in the Kohai 2023 tournament.

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