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#ThankYouBiuBiu-The Story of BiuBiu



Photo: Biu0105/ Instagram

Profesional player and famous Malaysian streamer, Kow Jiunn Jie (BiuBiu) has announced his retirement from the PUBG Mobile competitive scene and transitioned to being a full-time streamer and content creator.

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BiuBiu started his professional career as a PUBG Mobile esports player on the 22nd of June 2019, where he participated in the PUBG Mobile National Championship Qualifiers in Johor.

Although he didn’t do well in the tournament, he never gave up and continued to train and seek new teammates that had the same goal.

Enter Genexsus, the start of the journey

Photo: Biu1215/ Instagram

April 4th , 2019-Qualified from the Crew Challenge, Genexsus arrived at the competitive scene as one of the most feared teams with their infamous aggressive gameplay racking up kills left and right in the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Spring Split Malaysian Qualifiers.

BiuBiu, alongside teammates Darryl Teo (PotatoBangbang), Alex Er Yong Fong (Alexer) and Stewart Kuang (Stewart9k) took the Malaysian PUBG Mobile competitive scene by storm outperforming experienced teams such as VIP Squad, AROV Esports and much more.

Amazed with their potential and aggressive game style, world renowned esports organisation Team Secret took  a liking to this newly formed squad and decided to sign the roster as part of their own new PUBG Mobile squad which will be competing in the South East Asia League.

PMCO SEA: Secret enters South East Asia, the fight against top teams

Photo; Instagram / Team Secret

May 8th , 2019– The next step in the journey as Team Secret, facing top teams from all over South East Asia, cementing theirselves as one of the best in the world.

Fresh off a World Championship victory, Thai squad, RRQ Athena was seen as a prominent force in the South East Asian region that sent chills down the spines of their opponents.

After fighting valiantly, Team Secret led by Captain BiuBiu had to succumb to their first big challenge, claiming the rights to land in Pochinki against the newly crowned world champions.

It is by then they failed to gather their momentum and eventually slipped to 22nd overall in the standings.

It was not a pretty sight to see for Team Secret and Malaysian PUBG Mobile fans and they had to find a rhythm if they were to qualify for the regional finals.

Enter OntheGo, The Miraculous Comeback

May 23rd, 2019– Upon week 3 of the 1 month long league, things started to click for Team Secret as they climbed the ranks to top 16, with the help of their newly found manager, Partibhan Petchayappen (OntheGo) a well-loved Malay caster that found a new formula for the squad.

On the 9th of June, 2019, the squad of Team Secret finally could heave a sigh of relief after clinching their top 16 spot, guaranteeing their place in the PMCO SEA Finals held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Photo: Facebook/ OnTheGo Productions

4 slots were up for grabs from South East Asia, heading into the world tournament.

It was a nerve-wrecking battle for Team Secret throughout the entire finals in Jakarta as they were considered the underdogs in the tournament and all came down to the final match where Vietnamese team, Box Gaming was closing the gap quickly.

Luckily for Team Secret, they managed to hold on to the fourth slot with their consistent plays and qualified to the Global Preliminaries held in Berlin, Germany.

PMCO Global Prelims & PMSC Taiwan

20th July, 2019

Being the first Malaysian PUBG Mobile professional squad, huge weight were placed on Team Secret’s shoulders as they were seeking their spot in the Global Finals.

After finishing 11th overall, Team Secret had to acknowledge the strengths of the international competitors that were too much for them to hold off in the global stage.

However, through this tournament, they managed to gain invaluable experience competing against top teams from around the world.

Photo: PUBG Mobile

Team Secret’s next stop was the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge where Team Secret paired up with famous content creator and influencer, Maureen Gabriella (Alice) from Indonesia.

There, they placed 14th overall battling the likes of popular streamer Naman Mathur (Soul Mortal), Christpher Kayne (Kenboo) and much more.

You can watch the full PMSC 2019 documentary of the series on Youtube;

Reunion with Potato, PMCO SEA Fall Split

17th September, 2019– Season 2 of the PUBG Mobile Club Open kick started. A familiar face in their main lineup of Team Secret MY, as original member of Genexsus, PotatoBangBang joined the squad for the PMCO SEA Fall Split League.

After a valiant fight. BiuBiu and his team finished 20th overall and failed to qualify for the regional finals in Thailand.

New Squad, Fresh Start

21st January, 2020– Team Secret Malaysia announced their newly formed roster that will compete in the upcoming regional Pro League organised by Tencent Games.

Their newly formed roster consists of the captain; BiuBiu, Muhammad Danial Haiqal (Hyqul), Raymond Tan Boon Sheng (iShotz) and Aekachai Areesanan (Madtoi).

Not long after Hyqul was replaced by young prodigy, Dhiya Ulhaq Bin Mohd Arasz (uHigh) who would soon take the Malaysian competitive scene by storm in the PUBG Mobile Pro League.

A new and fresh start for BiuBiu and his teammates as they do their best to compete against the best teams from Malaysia and Singapore for their ultimate goal to become the champion.

This newly formed squad made their debut with such an outstanding performance as they managed to clinch the first place for the PUBG Mobile Pro League Malaysia Singapore (PMPL MYSG) Finals that secured their automatic slot to the World League.

Enter Rex & JangS, World League

11th June 2020

Fresh from a 5th place finish in the PMPL SEA Finals, Team Secret’s goals were clear, to get the coveted World Champion trophy and to make Malaysians proud.

With the World Championship title on the line, Team Secret decided to recruit fifth player Asyam Allam (Rex) and Muhammad Farhan Abdul Gaffar (JangS) as their coaches with the hopes to make a mark in the World League.

Team Secret started strong in the league stage and eventually finished 5th overall on top of various international teams such as TSM Entity, T1 and much more.

Unfortunately for Team Secret, their great run in the World League came to a halt as they were stopped at 15th place in the Grand Finals of the PMWL.

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BiuBiu had left a great legacy for Malaysian PUBG Mobile players to follow, directly impacting more fans to get into the game and encourage a rise in Malaysian esports.

We, from WTM Today hope nothing but happiness for BiuBiu in his future endeavours.  #ThankYouBiuBiu

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