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TSM Entity OP: Thrilling comeback with Triple Chicken Dinners



Photo: YouTube / PUBG Mobile Esports

HAT-TRICK Triple Chicken Dinners enabled professional PUBG Mobile Team, TSM Entity to bounce back from 10th spot to 1st Overall in the PUBG Mobile Pro League: South Asia Finals (PMPL SA).

On the first day of the PMPL SA, TSM Entity had an underwhelming performance as they ranked 10th out of the 16 teams in the Finals with 42 total points.

However, the team consisting of seasoned veterans managed to bounce back match by match, grabbing as many points as possible.

In the first match of day two, they made a solid performance by placing 4th in the Erangel match, with eight kill points.

Their incredible performance started with their spectacular in round two where they managed to get a Chicken Dinner with 13 total kills.

Their Chicken Rinner run continues as they won Sanhok game with 14 kills and Vikendi game with 21 total team kills.

This incredible run of chicken dinners and a handful of team kills, prompted a major leap in the standing of TSM Entity, from 10th to 1st overall.

At the end of day two, they managed to gather a total of 3 Chicken Dinners, to rack up 176 total points along with 83 kill points, 50 points ahead of second-ranked Team Celtz.

Two of their players are at the top of the kill leaderboards–Vivek Abhas (TSM EntClutchGod) and Jonathan Jude Amaral (TSM EntJonathan) with 27 kills.

Despite their impressive run securing them in first place after the second day of the PMPL SA Finals, they have already qualified for the East League held on 10th July-9th August, after finishing second in the PMPL SA: Regular Season with a total of 631 points.

On the race to the World League East, Team Celtz, Megastars, and Team IND are in comfortable positions to qualify for the East League, with Fnatic trailing behind closely.

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