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XQF Paraboy top fragger PEL



Photo Credit: Facebook / VSPN

ZHU Bojun (Paraboy) leads world-renowned PUBG Mobile Team, X Quest-F (XQF) to the finals of the Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL), which will be held from 18th-21st June after qualifying in the League Knockout stage.

XQF Paraboy also tops the charts in kills, securing the top fragger position for this knockout round.

XQF, consisting of Zeng Ronghua (Coolboy), Xu Yinjun (Jimmy), Cheng Zehai (Order), and Zhu Bojun (Paraboy) became the overall leaders in the knockout stages of the PEL coming into the Finals.

The PEL 2020 Season 1 was previously on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has restarted on 21st May, and is continued as an offline tournament.

XQF, previous winners of the PEL 2019 managed to rack up 198 total points, 32 points ahead of the second-placed finisher, Tianba.

Photo: live

XQF managed to qualify for the Finals of the PEL alongside 14 other teams from the knockout rounds that had eliminated 5 total teams.

Amongst of those who qualified to the finals is World Champions of the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Spring Split 2019, Top Esports (TES) that placed last, in 20th place.

Also qualified to the finals is defending champion 4AngryMan (4AM) with 118 total points as they try to defend the title that they won last December.

XQF managed to collect a total of 28 chicken dinners since the league restarted on 21st May.

Photo: live

In an interview with player Zeng Ronghua (XQF Coolboy) when asked how does XQF handle with consistency, he replied that they managed to cope by sticking to their usual routine and strive to be more energetic in each game coming forth.

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