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4AM overtakes XQF, AG first in leaderboards



Photo: Weibo / PEL

DEFENDING Champions of the Peacekeeper Elite League 2020 (PEL), 4AngryMan (4AM) climbed the leaderboards yet again and managed to place themselves in 2nd overall with a total of 164 points.

The talented quartet of 4AM, 33Svan, Suk, Hasaki and Xianhe managed to jump from 7th position to 3rd, and later placed 2nd in a matter of three days by achieving consistent results in almost all matches.

As a matter of fact, 4AM has not managed to secure a single chicken dinner throughout the PEL Final stage unlike other top teams such as AG and XQF–both managed to win at least 1 Chicken Dinner so far.

4AM however compensated their lack of Chicken Dinner points by dominating the kill leaderboards by securing 83 total kills–the most kills by a team in the PEL Finals so far.

Photo: Weibo / PEL

On Day 3, 4AM Suk managed to top the kill leaderboards yet again, repeating his achievement on Day 2, this time with 13 kills.

He scored a total of 3499 damage with an average survival time of 24 min 23 seconds.

In a post-match interview with Day 3 Kill Leaderboards Leader, 4AM Suk, he stated his hopes for 4AM to perform better on the penultimate day of the Finals of the PeaceKeeper Elite League.

Photo: Weibo / PEL

On the other hand, leading the charts, team All Gamers (AG) showed promising results as they managed to extend their lead, racking 192 overall points and 68 total kills throughout 15 matches.

Considered as dark horses of the tournament, AG also managed to get a chicken dinner in match 4 and securing 8 kills in the match.

Photo: Weibo / PEL

AG has shown consistency and excellent results, bagging 4 total Chicken Dinners throughout the 15 matches so far.

Other match winners include:

  • Round 1 (Miramar)- LK Gaming
  • Round 2 (Miramar)- Elite Gaming (ELG)
  • Round 3 (Erangel)- Tianba
  • Round 4 (Erangel)- All Gamers (AG)
  • Round 5 (Erangel)-GiveMe5 (GM5)

The PeaceKeeper Elite League is a First-Person-Perspective tournament that is held in hardcore mode (no auto reloading, etc) and with the aim-assist off for all players. This tournament also has a total prize pool of US$170,000.

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